Child-led, JUSTice-based, Neurodiversity-affirming Pediatric Therapy Services






We accept insurance! We are in-network with BCBS IL PPO and Blue Cross Community Health

Our Philosophy

Impacting Children's Lives

●Play is the most powerful form of collaboration with children.


●You can only help a child regulate if you are regulated yourself.

●Make every effort to understand a child and they will show you how to learn and grow together.



Individual Sessions
One-on-one play-based, child-led occupational therapy sessions in-home, in the community, or via telehealth. Dr. Marquie can provide you with a detailed statement that you can submit to your insurance provider.  Evaluation must be completed before individual sessions begin

Group/Sibling Sessions

Group play sessions, for up to 3 children (or siblings) at a time. Sessions are focused on engagement, turn-taking, problem-solving, and regulation to improve social interactions and age-appropriate play skills. Cash-based only. Evaluation is not required, but recommended. Screening and intake is required prior to initiation of sibling sessions.  

Caregiver Coaching

One-on-one virtual sessions for caregivers (parents, grandparents, foster parents, nannies, etc.) to problem-solve, collaborate, and learn strategies for co-regulation, conflict resolution, play skills, and developmental skills to support their child. Cash-based only. Sliding scale rates and payment plans are available upon request.

Professional Consultation

One-on-one, small group, or large group consultation or in-service with school staff, other healthcare professionals, or occupational therapy students. Consultation is tailored to the specific needs of he client. An intake call is required prior to initiation of consultative services. Sliding scale rates and payment plans are available upon request.

School-Based Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapy services for students with individualized support needs in private or public school settings. An OT evaluation can be conducted to provide  recommended accommodations. School-based OT Sessions are focused on fine motor, visual motor, emotional regulation, and sensory processing skill development for engagement in expected and desired school day tasks.  Information about contract rates for schools and/or school districts are available upon request.

What Caregivers Think

“Marquie explains information in a way that feels warm and easy to understand. She has taught me and my family strategies for potty training, bedtime routine, and meal times with my little one!”

“Marquie is collaborative, kind, and knowledgeable. She sheds light on the importance of understanding the root of a child’s barriers to functioning in the school environment. She provides information to supplement the school team’s approach to support and provides recommendations that are realistic, effective, and creative.”

“Marquie helped me learn to understand my child in a different way. She worked with me to identify how to utilize my connection with my child to foster security in his abilities. This helped me feel more in tune with my child’s needs and allowed me to see him branch out and become more confident in his body.”

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